Scouters’ Memories

From Robert Casillo (07/08/2014)
I have been a volunteer scout leader for 54 years. In the fall of 1960. I took our American scout unit camping with the 1st troop. Mr. Newman was the scoutmaster. I was stationed with the USAF at Preswick. I worked in the small medical unit. In 1973 I went to the Norway. I met some scouts from Scotland. Who said Mr. Newman was a commissioner. I am 86 years old. I have held many positions in scouting. In 2007 I was on the staff of the Cederberg venture In South Africa. I was the first American to serve on the staff. I met Mr Buzz Macey the National Commissioner In 1997. I was stationed with the 18th Fighter Bomber Wing in Korea,18th Medical Squadron. The #2 Squadron of the South African Airforce was assigned to our wing. My time in Korea September 1950-Feb. 1952. I enjoyed my time in Scotland. I had a boy born in Scotland. Your friend in scouting. Bob Casillo

From Ross Mitchell (30/03/2014)
I was in 1967 C pack and was excited to read that there might be a photo on your site but I couldn’t find it. I have been in New Zealand since 1968.
I was a seconder in the white six, my friend Douglas with whom I reconnected 13 years back ( he now lives in Melbourne) was a sixer in the ?red six.
Another Hillhead classmate was Kenneth Maconnell who was I think a seconder in the yellow six.
I remember our Akela (Ewan something) getting engaged to Baloo…….in those unenlightened days, Baloo was obviously a female.
Best wishes, Ross Mitchell

Here’s the photo that Douglas Burt mailed on:

‘B’ Troop Marches (Neil Arthur:17/05/2014)
The Lairig Ghru was a “B” Troop thing and in 1963 the Group went to Liechtenstein and 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the memorable 1965 “B” Troop month long bus trip to Moscow (Russia not Ayrshire!) via East Germany, West Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia including tours or Red Square, Lenin’s Tomb, salt mines and most memorably Auschwitz.

Our Barbecue
A bequest from Gerald Craighead Cowie, a member of the Troop at the same time as actors Gordon Jackson and Stanley Baxter, provided funds to build two large brick barbecues. Gerard’s twin brother Ronnie was also in the First as was his younger brother Harry.