1907 -1913

The First Glasgow grew up with Scouting; the Group was formed from the Glasgow Battalion of the Army Cadet Corps; its Adjutant was Captain Robert E Young. In June 1907, they formed the ‘Cadets’ Winter Recreation Training Club’. The club was a success from the beginning, as ‘Boss’ Young related: “At first we met at my house, signalled up and down the stairs, tied knots around the banisters and always finished with a good tuck-in.” ‘Boss’ Young later met B-P who suggested that the Club could experiment with the ideas contained in ‘Scouting for Boys’.

On 16th January 1908, the Club was formally disbanded and The First Glasgow Troop of Boy Scouts was registered with Scout HQ in London. The Registration Certificate was issued, dated 26th January 1908; this is believed to be the earliest Registration Certificate known to exist. ‘Boss’ Young ran the Group until his death in 1940. Rather than churn out a never-ending list of historical information about the Group, the following are some of the interesting points over the years.

1908 to 1909 
First Headquarters of the Group – 6 Strathallan Terrace (now Caledon Street). This house was really the first exclusive ‘Club Room’ for The First. It was a four room and kitchen ground floor flat in a small tenement block

1909 to 1943
Move of Headquarters (to 7 & 8 Alfred Terrace, Great Western Road). Each house was a self-contained terrace house with 15 apartments in 3 flats. There was originally a games room, reading room with piano, magazines, etc, library, canteen, gym and a number of instruction rooms. Some of the smaller rooms were used as photographic dark room, carpentry workshop, administration offices, etc.

Group’s first Summer Camp at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane; these continued annually until 1928.

Cowal Games – Boy Scouts Competition – Winners 1st Prize The Benmore Challenge Trophy, presented by Mr and Mrs Younger of Benmore and Cowal Gold Medals presented by Captain JHP Leschallas of Glenfinart.

A Junior Section was introduced; this became the Wolf Cubs in 1916 (The First Glasgow Cub Pack was the first registered in Scotland).