Welcome to the First Glasgow Scout Group

The First Glasgow Scout Group was the first Scout Troop to be registered, with its registration certificate dated 26th January 1908. Captain Robert E Young OBE, known to generations of boys as ‘Boss’ Young, founded the Group and led it from 1907 until his death in 1940.

The first Scouts came from Glasgow Academy, Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow High School and Hillhead High School. These schools are still represented today along with girls and boys from many other schools in the west of Glasgow.

Many former members of The First Glasgow have served the Scout Movement elsewhere in Glasgow, at Scottish Headquarters and at UK and World Scouting level. Many have founded and assisted Scout Groups in other parts of the world.

The First Glasgow Scout Troop Certificate

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the First Glasgow Scout Group

  1. Dear Scouting Brothers,
    I am an Ex. member of the 1st, Still an active leader in the Scout section with a grew many years under my belt. We have 40 + in the section. Many years ago I brought all my !st Glasgow training to Ilkley and have passed it on to all my scouts, some of who are now my fellow brothers and some of their children are now in the Explorers.
    Back to the 1st GL.Group. I was a cub and the HQ we had was Alfred Terrace off Gr. Western Rd. I was there when it was bombed in the 2nd W.W. and we were moved to temp HQ in the cellar of a shop. At the end of the war, we were moved to the new HQ. where you are situated. I was then elevated to the Scout section of ‘C’ Company; while I was there a new company was formed ‘D’ Company with the Leader who had just been demobbed, Eric Newman, that was the first time I’d heard of a fourth Company. the name of company was then dropped by the Scout Movement and from then they were known as Troops.
    I did just manage to attain my N.S. award, working in the Grand Hotel when it was being used as a rest centre for the Armed Services. I served there every fortnight. I have many stories going back to that era, it would probably bore you in todays world. I am very proud to say my home Group was The !st Glasgow.
    Yours in Scouting.
    Paul Cunningham (aka Hopi)

    • Hopi we would love you to come and meet the scouts and the leaders too. Our most senior active scout leader Raymond holds the Kings Scout Award. We have young leaders who hold the Queens Scout Award and we aspire to have many future Queen Scout Award holders and even perhaps another King Scout Award all active in the First Glasgow Scout Group. Please get in touch and we can meet up and hear some of your stories.

  2. Hi, As a collector of Scout memorabilia I did collect some years ago several hall marked silver medals in their original cases, one I still have.
    The engraving is :
    C Company
    First Glasgow troop
    David Johnson
    Best Scout

    I may know of the existence of the other also

    Is this of interest?

    The case indicates the medal came from Elkington, Court Jewellers, Glasgow

    Robin Corti
    ACC Activities, GLSW
    UKTA, Pulling

    • Robin this is brilliant!
      We would love to re-award this at our annual group review. That would be a lovely piece of history to pass on to the best scout this year coming.

      ‘Tradition is not so much about what the Scouts of old did but rather what you, the Scouts of today, make of your heritage.’ BPowell

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